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Greenhaw Primary School

Week 9 (1st June)

Day Literacy Numeracy

Learn about Summer

Summer Power Point downloaded in Literacy Folder

Teddy Bears sharing activity

Downloaded in Numeracy folder

Can be done practically using any objects/food and children's teddy bears


Alphabet revision work


Outdoor Maths Challenge

downloaded in Numeracy folder 


Read and Match (revision of unit 1-3  sounds/blending to make words)

(see downloaded sheet in Literacy folder) Children can read, write and draw... No need to print. Work at your child's level. Choose words they can read.

Count objects within 20



Order sounds to make a word

Ice cream activity.

Downloaded in Numeracy folder

No need to print, can draw and let children colour as you give instructions



Design you own sunhat and write 'my hat' under it

(see activity downloaded in Literacy folder)

Writing and Ordering numbers from 0 - 15

See if you can write all the numbers then cut them out, mix them up and arrange in the correct order - going across and then starting from the bottom and going up (lowest to highest)

Hello everyone. We hope you are all keeping well and are enjoying the lovely weather. It is hard to believe that we are now into June! As the weather is set to continue we take the opportunity this week to introduce the season of Summer and develop some learning centred around this.

Physical/ Creative/WAU

During the first week in June the foundation children would usually have a picnic in school where they bring in their own teddies. Unfortunately this will not be able to happen this year so instead we would like you to have your own teddy bear picnic in your garden (Monday or Tuesday). Get the children to help prepare some picnic foods: sandwiches, fruit, juice, biscuits, ice pops etc. Take a blanket and teddies into your garden and enjoy your very own special picnic! You can listen to the Teddy Bears Picnic Song on youtube

Take some photos and send them to us....let's see if we can get a record number of photos sent this week and we can put the picnic photos on our website/ Twitter. It would be lovely to see all the children with their teddies.

As the weather is quite warm it is important to make the children aware of being safe in the sun: wearing sun cream, sun hats, taking shade, keeping cool, drinking more water, eating ice lollies etc. There is an activity downloaded in the creative/WAU folder. If you can not print get the children to draw their own pictures inside a big sun.

There are also a few art and craft ideas related to summer in the Creative/WAU folder for the children to choose from. Enjoy! 

Mrs Cunningham Ms Heaney



Home Learning - Primary 1

This is an extremely challenging time for everyone. During this time we will try our best to ensure that your children continue to learn and are fully supported during the coming weeks and months ahead. In the absence of classroom teaching we will provide weekly suggested activities, resources and fun challenges for you to complete with your child at home. We would strongly advise that your child follows a structured day in order to normalise things as much as possible for them. Routine brings stability and consistency to young children's lives and reduces stress in the face of the unfamiliar. By continuing to engage children with learning activities you are letting them know that learning is an important and valuable thing in their lives. We appreciate that this will never replace teaching however it is important that children are still given the opportunity to learn and reinforce prior learning at home. We do not expect parents to become teachers overnight! 

During this crisis we would like to set up a method of communication with parents. Below you will find the email address of your class teacher. Please email the relevant teacher with both the name of the parent contact and the child's name only. This will facilitate a group contact list to be created.

Mrs Cunningham.   Ms Heaney



Daily Routine

Suggested Daily Routine


Get up at normal time. Wash, dress, help to make the bed. Come downstairs and help with breakfast 

9am Join in with Ronan and Daryl from Activity Northern Ireland as they do physical activities to letters of the alphabet:


10am: join in with Tumble Tots at Home or catch up on it later in the day on YouTube:

Literacy Activity

Play time


Numeracy activity

Creative time (see suggestions below)

Play time (indoors / garden)

Story before bedtime

Make sure you wash your hands regularly through out the day.

Use 'The Seven Steps' for handwashing.  - For creative ideas across the curriculum - Hand washing



Primary 1

Welcome to the Primary 1 Learning Area!

We hope that the page can be used to share some of the fantastic work completed by our very talented Primary 1 children.  

Below is a selection of literacy and numeracy learning intentions for this term. We hope that you will find them useful when supporting your child at home.

Ms Heaney & Mrs Cunningham


Week 9 (1st June)

A message from Ms Heaney!


A message from Mrs Cunningham!


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