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Greenhaw Primary School

Week 9 (1st June)

Day Literacy Numeracy
Monday Diary Writing & Phonics  Number Facts to 9
Tuesday Read & Write CVC words Making 9p
Wednesday Language Activity Measuring 20 Challenge
Thursday Writing: Lists Number Names
Friday Poetry  Mental Maths Mats


Welcome back to Week 9 boys and girls! We hope that you managed to enjoy your week off school activities and are ready for a little more work this week! We know that you are finding it hard to stay motivated as time goes on, but we really appreciate all the hard work that you are putting in. Keep sending us your photos of all the different things you've been getting up to. We dearly miss you all and we LOVE seeing your little smiling faces in your photos. Remember, stay safe and take good care of each other. 

Mrs McFadden & Miss Gillespie. 


World Around Us/Movement: Go for a walk with your family. Be mindful of the things you hear and see. Maybe set  a challenge before you leave... Look for things beginning with a particular sound or make a list of the different colours you see. 



Key Words: Remember to keep revising your key words daily. See folder for a game to practise your words. 

If your child has mastered the first 100, the second 100 have been included in the folder for you to work on. Please do not move on to the second set unless your child is confident with both reading and writing with the first set. 

Diary Writing: Continue to write entries into your diary. Encourage your child not just to focus on what they have done but also think about how things made them feel and what they thought about these things. Encourage them to think creatively about their entries. 

Phonics: Using their phonic knowledge, encourage your child to have a go at reading the words on screen and also to come up with their own 'new' words. The links needed for each activity are provided below.

Read & Write CVC Words: Scrambled CVC words. Using phonic knowledge, rearrange the sounds provided to record the correct spelling of the words shown. These sounds can be handwritten on a piece of paper for your child and the pictures in the folder used as reference. (See folder)  

Find the CVC words: (See folder) Select a picture from the folder. Ask your child to record as many CVC words as they can find in the picture. Answers provided. 

Language Activity: Name 5 things game. This is a fun activity that encourages your child to work on their language/vocabulary skills. To make the game more exciting, you could add a timer. Name 5 things in 10 seconds. Feel free to add your own ideas to the list! 

Writing: Writing for a purpose. This week's writing activity helps your child to see that writing is very useful and an important part of daily life. Help your child to write a list. This could maybe a shopping list, a list of things needed for a picnic etc.

Poem: Colour Poem  Encourage your child to think about the various colours. What does each colour remind you of? Encourage them to be as creative as possible with their ideas! We'd love to see some finished products! 



Mental Maths 10-15 minutes daily practice
Log into the  ‘The Maths Factor,’ to improve your understanding of number and develop your mental maths skills. P2’s should select the ‘Hedgehogs Club’ when travelling around the park.

Recite number facts to 9. Celtic have won the league 9 times in a row. Make up some number fact stories. If Liverpool have won it 3 times, how many more times do they need to win to equal Celtic’s score. I am making cupcakes and need 9. I only have 5, how many more do I need?

• Draw 10 ladybirds/butterflies or dominos and make 9 in different ways. (see sheet for guidance)
• Time yourself with some quick fire sums to 9. (write or call out the sums from the sheet in folder).
• Click on the link to use your number fact skills to help the dinosaurs build a bridge.


Use money to investigate the different ways to make 9p. This is actually very difficult for many children. Use objects to the value of each coin and change the task to find three different ways instead of 8. Draw around coins to make the amounts in purses/money boxes. (see sheet for guidance)

Play the ‘Counting Coins’ Game in Topmarks


Measuring Challenge: Create a boat, fish or sea creature 20 things long and decorate. Remember when measuring the unit/object must stay the same (size). Do you need 20 objects? How will you mark the beginning or the end? Be careful when decorating, will it still measure 20 things long if you add feathers or things sticking out?


Use your number names cards from last week to 10 or 20. Read them together with your child. Take out the ones you used last week. Shuffle the cards and put in a pile, pick at least 5 cards to draw or make the amount with objects. Make another set of number name cards to 10 or 20. Play snap or play ‘Go Fish,’ you can use the rule that they have to be able to read the number name to keep the matching pair.

Click on the link, to play Teddy Numbers and select number names to 15.


Mental Maths (See folder for differentiated mental maths tests or click on the link to go to BBC Bitesize Mental Maths Challenge

Play Challenge: See the world from the comfort of your own home. Click on the link to play, ‘Pirate Bunnies World Adventure. Watch out for the sharks!

Random fact: Jellyfish do not have a brain! They have lots of nerves instead. We can’t wait to see photos of these but we challenge you to create your own jellyfish in a bottle or jar.

Resources needed: A plastic bag, a bottle, food colouring, water, an elastic band (hair bobble) and a pair of scissors. Look in the play folder for more details.


Home Learning - Primary 2

Hello Everyone

We all have had our worlds turned upside down and we are most impressed with your commitment to continue learning and improving. We hope everyone has established a daily routine and are enjoying the online activities. Looking after our mental health is very important, so try and set time aside to talk about how we are feeling and ask your child about what activities they would like to do.

Remember you know your child best and how they learn, so play games together, draw, cook or read a book. Time is precious and Covid-19 has given us the gift of being together, although it will not always be easy. You want to be able to look back at this when it is all a distant memory and be glad that you have some happy memories.

We love seeing the different photos of all your activities from obstacle races in the garden to baking buns and model making, so keep them coming. We would also like to express our thanks to all parents for your continued support. 

During this crisis we would like to set up a method of communication with parents. Below you will find the email address of your class teacher. Please email the relevant teacher with both the name of the parent contact and the child's name only. This will facilitate a group contact list to be created.



Daily Routine


A good start to the day is to get moving. Check out 'Action Songs', on You Tube Kids. 

Shared reading (Read with an adult)

Children may use their own story book

Literacy Activity


Numeracy Activity



Play based learning


Primary 2

Welcome to the Primary 2 Learning Area!

We hope that the page can be used to share some of the fantastic work completed by our very talented Primary 2 children.  

Below is a selection of literacy and numeracy learning intentions. We hope that you will find them useful when supporting your child at home.

Mrs McFadden & Miss Gillespie


Week 9 (1st June)

A message from Mrs McFadden!


A message from Miss Gillespie!


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