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Greenhaw Primary School

Primary 2/3

Welcome to the Primary 2/3 Learning Area!

We hope that the page can be used to share some of the fantastic work completed by our very talented Primary 2/3 children.  

Below is a selection of literacy and numeracy learning intentions for this term. We hope that you will find them useful when supporting your child at home.

Miss Gillespie



P2 Literacy - Sept/Oct

  • Beginning initial code of new sounds- Write Programme
  • Listening and responding to a range of poems, rhymes and Halloween stories
  • Oxford Reading Tree Key words in conjunction with reading decodeable words from 'Sounds Write' Scheme
  • Focus on capital letters, full stops and finger spaces
  • Using correct letter formation, sizing, orientation and recognition of lower and upper case letters

P3 Literacy Sept/Oct

  • Starting new sounds-write programme beginning with initial code
  • listen to and take part in a range of class discussions.
  • to begin to clearly communicate thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas.
  • To read key words in line with Sounds write programme and continue to read texts from school scheme, Oxford Reading Tree.
  • To read for pleasure and enjoyment.
  • To be able to use their knowledge of phonics and key words to write more independently.
  • To use full stops and capital letters with increasing accuracy.
  • To learn and begin to understand the use of nouns and verbs when writing and reading.
  • Begin to learn the genre of instructional writing.
  • To be able to write on a line keeping letters consistent in size and forming letters accurately and using finger spaces appropriately.


P2 Numeracy - Sept/Oct

  • Count during number rhyme, jingles and stories.  
  • Solve everyday problems in the classroom or in role play.
  • Recognise and sequence the numerals, initially within 10 then 20.
  • Make a variety of sets for a given number, initially within 5/15/20
  • Talk about shapes in the environment and use everyday language to describe features of familiar 2-D shapes.
  • To begin to understand and use mathematical language when talking about their work.
  • Recognise O’ Clock times on the clock face
  • Recognise special times on the clock face e.g. lunch time, home time.
  • Experience using symbols “+” and equals “=” in the context of practical work.
  • Recognise coins in everyday use

P3 Numeracy - Sept/Oct


  • To begin to use Mathletics to improve mental calculation skills.
  • To be able to count on and back to 100.
  • To recognise and understand the symbols + - =
  • To learn number facts to 9
  • To use different counting strategies to find the missing number in a simple equation. 6 + ? = 9. To explain how they found the answer to understand that addition and subtraction are the inverse of each other.
  • To recognise and name “D shape extending to pentagon, hexagon and octagon.

  • To read O’clock and half past times using analogue and digital formats

Important Info

WAU- Our Topic

Topic – Wonderful Me

  • To explore our similarities and differences, whilst learning to appreciate that each of us is unique.
  • To recognise how we change and grow over time.
  • To develop our understanding of the community we live in.


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