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Greenhaw Primary School

Primary 6 Learning Area

Welcome to the Primary 6 Learning Area!

We hope that the page can be used to share some of the fantastic work completed by our very talented Primary 6 children. We will update the page regularly and post information relevant to primary 6. 

Below is a selection of literacy and numeracy learning intentions for this term. We hope that you will find them useful when supporting your child at home.

Mr Martin & Mr Smith




Literacy- Nov/Dec 2019

  • Focus on self-correction
  • Understand the function of connectives in sentences
  • Construct sentences in different ways through, combining two sentences or reordering them.
  • Compose a recount piece in groups editing and redraft to improve.
  • Develop characters from stories taking in account the authors style and use of language
  • Create a detailed character description based on knowledge of text.
  • Create a diary entry based before and after an event, conveying emotions.
  • Use a varied range of topic appropriate synonyms in to improve their writing,
  • Show an understanding of the term “Possessive noun”.
  • Extend the use of the apostrophe to possession (including; for more than one owner and irregular plurals)
  • Identify persuasive features/words to include in an advert.
  • Research emigration routes during the famine.
  • Accelerated Reading Scheme


Numeracy - Nov/Dec 2019

  • Carry out calculations involving money.
  • Discuss, draw and label bar graphs.
  • Explore the relationship between 2D and 3D shape.
  • Investigate perimeter.
  • Complete and interpret given pie charts with divisions marked
  • Apply knowledge to demonstrate quick recall of multiplication/division facts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of language associated with time.
  • Investigate the concept of simple percentages and relate to fractions.
  • Explore and use a range of problem solving strategies, persevering when difficulties occur.
  • Find the area of irregular shapes in cm2.

Important Info

PE will now be on Thursday each week, please bring full PE gear.

Swimming will be on a Monday until after Christmas.

Sources photos for a personal timeline.


WAU- Our Topic

Our topic this term is 'Hunger'. The children will have an opportunity to discuss famine in the world today and make comparisons with 'The Great Famine' in Ireland. The children will explore art, music and literature surrounding the topic.



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