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Greenhaw Primary School

Week 9 (1st June)

Sorry P6! We know the weather is great and you want to be outside but remember to get your work completed this week. Keep up the reading especially.


Should you have any queries, teachers can be contacted on

Parents if you haven't contacted your child’s teacher please do so that spellings and lines of communication can be set up.


Literacy activities to be revised this week are:

Monday: Speech marks: Written task: No printing needed 


Task 1

Refresh your understanding of speech marks by looking at the PowerPoint in the document folder.

Task 2

Comic strip speech for everyone.

Task 3

Spot the missing speech marks.

Your task is the Literacy document folder.



Tuesday:  Direct and indirect speechWritten task: No printing needed


Task 1

Refresh your understanding of direct and indirect speech by looking at the PowerPoint in the document folder.

Task 2

Replacing ‘said’ for everyone.

Task 3

Independent writing task for everyone.

Your task is the Literacy document folder.



Wednesday: Comprehensions. Written or verbal task: No printing needed

G1 (Mr Martin's class) & T.T (Mr Smith's class): Weeds and Seeds ***

G2 (Mr Martin's class) & W.W (Mr Smith's class): Weeds and Seeds **

G3 (Mr Martin's class) & F.F (Mr Smith's class): Weeds and Seeds *

Your comprehension task is the Literacy document folder.



Continue your masterpiece.


Friday: Spelling test and HW activity.

Children to complete HW tasks in Literacy book. Homework can now be written in the photocopied text books.    


THE HEAD MELTER task is designed to give you a real challenge. So don’t be a chicken and give it a go. 

Anyone in transfer group should be completing this task.


How well do you know the flags of the world? Click the link below to have a practise.

Also we would love to see pictures of how you would use everyday items to make a flag. i.e. Leaves, clothes, chalk etc. Get outside and get creative.




Numeracy activities to be revised this week are:


Monday: Mathletics. ICT based: No writing

Everyone in P6 use their Mathletics account.  Probability



Tuesday: Probability. Written task: No printing needed

Task 1:


Task 2:

Everyone to complete the coin flipping investigation. 




Wednesday: Money word problems. Written task: No printing needed

G1/Circles: ììì

G2/Squares: ìì

G3/Triangle: ì



Thursday: Money word problems.. Written task: No printing needed

G1/Circles: ììì

G2/Squares: ìì

G3/Triangle: ì



Friday: Homework activities + Thinking skills task. Written task: No printing needed

Could all children complete their personalised homework tasks in their booklets.

Homework can now be written in the photocopied text books. This will free up everyone's Literacy and Numeracy HW books to record other work in.


*We strongly encourage P6 to continue their fabulous effort with their accelerated reading and complete their online tests. Tests have no time limit so can be accessed after 4pm. Also have a look at the NI Libraries link; they have added lots of digital books to be read.

Daily Routine


Silent Reading

Literacy Activity


Numeracy Activity



Curriculum Activity - 

The curriculum tasks will now focus on the projects.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.The current situation is taking its toll on everyone. It has never been more important to look after our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. One small word/act of kindness can make all the difference! This week the focus will be on kindness! Being kind to ourselves and others!

There are a few short tasks in the folder. Stay safe and be kind! 




Home Learning - Primary 6

This is an extremely challenging time for everyone. During this time we will try our best to ensure that our children continue to learn. Below is a plan for each week, which will be regularly updated by the class teacher. This includes activities, resources and challenges. We would advise that your child follows a structured day, whenever possible. We appreciate that this will never replace teaching however it is important that children are still given the opportunity to learn and reinforce prior learning at home. We do not expect parents to become teachers overnight! This is not home-schooling, it is us trying to support you during a global pandemic. Please do not feel that your child needs to complete every task or stress if they are finding things challenging. Feel free to browse all our learning areas for additional ideas and resources.

During this crisis we would like to set up a method of communication with parents. Below you will find the email address of your class teacher. Please email the relevant teacher with both the name of the parent contact and the child's name only. This will facilitate a group contact list to be created.



Notice : We have received a good few emails so far. Thank you! It is really important that parents email us asap to enable us to set up a group contact list.

Mr Martin

Primary 6 Learning Area

Welcome to the Primary 6 Learning Area!

We hope that the page can be used to share some of the fantastic work completed by our very talented Primary 6 children. We will update the page regularly and post information relevant to primary 6. 

Below is a selection of literacy and numeracy learning intentions for this term. We hope that you will find them useful when supporting your child at home.

Mr Martin & Mr Smith



Week 9 (1st June)

A message from Mr Smith!


A message from Mr Martin!


Useful Links

Books online


Oak National Academy
Home Learning

Oxford owl
This website
covers many
curriculum areas
across key
stages. There
are helpful
videos on a
number of areas.
Dear parent,
Project Sparks
are offering
free online
learning for our
primary 5, 6 and
7 pupils while
our school is
closed. If you
would like your
child to benefit
from this,
please fill out
the form below.

Twinkl are
offering a month
of free access
to parents.


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