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Primary 7 Learning Area

Welcome to the Primary 7 Learning Area!

This page has been set up to provide useful resources for the children in Primary 7. These resources will help the children complete classwork and homework. I hope that the page can also be used to share some of the fantastic work completed by our very talented Primary 7 children. I will update the page regularly and post information relevant to primary 7. 


Mrs Gallick



P7. Numeracy - Nov/Dec 2019

  • Appreciate the relationships between simple fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • Record measurements of length using decimal notation. Discuss how this relates to place value eg, 14 mm = 1.4 cm, 126 cm = 1.26 m
  • Be aware of the imperial units of length still used in everyday life
  • Explore square, cube, triangular and prime number through investigation and spatial arrangements
  • Calculate percentages of whole numbers including the context of money.
  • Discuss and be able to assess “value for money” in relation to shopping, eg three for the price of two, economy packets. 
  • Record measurements of ‘weight’ using decimal notation. Discuss how this relates to place value eg, 1260 g = 1.26 kg.
  • Read, write and order decimals to three decimal places in the context of measurement.
  • Investigate strategies for finding areas of squares and rectangles
  • Understand and use negative numbers in context
  • Order a set of positive and negative numbers
  • Calculate the volume of cubes and cuboids.
  • Understand and use the 24 hr clock in meaningful contexts.
  • Read and interpret simple timetables and apply knowledge to solve related problems.
  • Explore coordinates in the four quadrants 


Literacy - Nov/Dec 2019

  • Form adjectives from nouns
  • understand comparative and superlative adjectives.
  • Children will recognise and understand the need for structure in a Recount- revision of features.
  • understand what an adverb is and begin to recognise adverbs of place/time/manner
  • Know the features, language and layout of a Recount
  • Use the apostrophe accurately for contraction
  • Identify how the apostrophe is used for possession (one owner one object)
  • Extend the use of the apostrophe for possession including for more than one owner and irregular plurals

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WAU- Our Topic


P.7. term 1/2 topic is called It’s A Disaster. The children will research natural disasters such as hurricane, earthquake or famine and the impact these events can have on individuals and whole communities both physically and economically. The natural disasters studied will be changed from year to year depending on the current news topics. The children will be able to develop their research and reporting skills and also have the opportunity to carry out a fair test. The second part of the topic focuses on The Titanic and the events surrounding this disaster. The Children will use their understanding of these events to write a newspaper report (see above)


WAU Sources


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