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Home Learning - Primary 7

This is an extremely challenging time for everyone. During this time we will try our best to ensure that our children continue to learn. Below is a plan for each week, which will be regularly updated by the class teacher. This includes activities, resources and challenges. We would advise that your child follows a structured day, whenever possible. We appreciate that this will never replace teaching however it is important that children are still given the opportunity to learn and reinforce prior learning at home. We do not expect parents to become teachers overnight! This is not home-schooling, it is us trying to support you during a global pandemic. Please do not feel that your child needs to complete every task or stress if they are finding things challenging. Feel free to browse all our learning areas for additional ideas and resources.

During this crisis we would like to set up a method of communication with parents. Below you will find the email address of your class teacher. Please email the relevant teacher with both the name of the parent contact and the child's name only. This will facilitate a group contact list to be created.



Daily Routine


Silent Reading

Literacy Activity


Numeracy Activity



Curriculum Activity



Week 1

Numeracy - For week one I have included work based on revision to number - Gr1 millions and Gr2 thousands. There are more activities than will be needed so pick ones best suited to your child's needs and these are not all expected to be completed within one week. For those children who do not have quick recall of times tables facts please continue with weekly table tests. You can reinforce these using a selection of games which can be found if you Google 'interactive multiplication games'

Literacy - Please ensure that your child continues with daily reading - in P.7 we would expect this to be a minimum of 45 mins. Your child can continue to access Accelerated Reading at home to complete quizzes and you can track their progress through their individual logins. Targets set on Accelerated Reading should be achieved by Easter. I have included spellings which can be tested on a Friday as usual. Please ensure your child also knows the meanings of the set words and can use these in context. I have also included some comprehension passages which are differentiated - one star being easier up to three stars which is the hardest text. PowerPoints and worksheets have also been included to cover Active and Passive voice and the identification of the different types of Nouns 

Other - I have included some links for ICT which will continue to guide you in using Scratch.


Literacy activities to be revised this week are:

  • Reading - a minimum of 45 mins per day
  • Accelerated reading quizzes
  • Daily spelling practice plus dictionary work to find out meanings and ensure words can be used in context
  • Nouns - Identifying the different types of nouns. has games to help reinforce this with your child
  • Active and Passive voice.

Numeracy activities to be revised this week are:

  • Mental Maths- Tables revision/ Games  - daily
  • Mathletics
  • Revision of large numbers

Other Activities

  • Scratch Scratch can be used online or downloaded to a device. Further code club instructions will follow.

Please use the Core Links listed as these will provide invaluable help in supporting your child

Week 2

Hi P.7. I hope you are well. I am thinking about you all. Below is an outline of activities for week 2.


Complete any work still to be done on large numbers, either thousands or millions.
We're revising rounding this week so I have included a PowerPoint to help both you and your parents. I have also uploaded a selection of differentiated worksheets for you to complete.
I have added in some two step number worded problems. Again these are differentiated so scroll through to see which best suits you.
Mental Maths - Keep practising tables. You need quick recall ready for next year. I have also included another Mental Maths test with mixed questions. If this is too hard or easy you can get your parents to just change the numbers. If you get questions wrong it will give you an idea of other areas you can revise.
Keep using Mathletics. Remember if you are using Live Mathletics against your friends then chose an appropriate level - NOT level 1!


Spellings - Your weekly spellings in your usual groups are available. Remember to include dictionary work so that you also know the meanings and can use these words in context.
Accelerated Reading. At least 45 mins a day. Well done to those who have now reached their targets. Our targets run out next week so do your best to achieve yours by then. We will be doing Star Reading tests again after Easter.
Nouns - Complete a novel scavenger hunt. Design a table with headings of the different types of nouns then use your novel to find as many nouns as possible to fit each heading.
Adjectives - We're revising adjectives. I have again added a PowerPoint to help and a selection of differentiated sheets. I have also included a sheet explaining a 'nouns and adjective' game you can play with your parents.
Comprehension - I have uploaded 3 levels of comprehension. Again one star being easier and three stars being harder.


Keep working also on the Scratch link included last week. It will help you next year in your ICT
I have also included sheets for a scale/art activity which I hope you will enjoy. The instructions for this are in a document in Numeracy.

Mrs Gallick

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