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Greenhaw Primary School

Izak9 night!

8th Mar 2019

Last night saw a huge turnout of parents and children for our Izak9 night! Izak9 is a unique, radical and innovative maths resource that aims to challenge, encourage, support, stretch and nourish a confidence and competence in children's learning of mathematics. As a school we couldn't agree more with those who are behind izak9 when they say that

'Not only should every child feel that they can enjoy and 'do' mathematics, but they should also be able to believe that they can excel at it.'

We would like to thank Ian Campbell (Izak9) for facilitating the evening. It is no surprise that he noted that it was one of the most interactive and well supported Izak 9 nights to date. A huge thanks to our parents and children for their superb participation!