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Greenhaw Primary School


Mr S. McLaughlin - <p>Principal</p>
Mr S. McLaughlin



Teaching Staff

Mrs. F. Gallick - <p>Primary 7 Teacher - Acting Vice-Principal</p>
<p>Designated Teacher (Child Protection)</p>
<p>Numeracy Coordinator</p>
Mrs. F. Gallick

Primary 7 Teacher - Acting Vice-Principal

Designated Teacher (Child Protection)

Numeracy Coordinator

Ms. R. Mc Kay - <p>Vice-Principal</p>
<p>Literacy Coordinator</p>
Ms. R. Mc Kay


Literacy Coordinator

Mrs. S. McFadden - <p>SENCO</p>
Mrs. S. McFadden


Mr. C. Martin - <p>Primary 7 Teacher</p>
<p>ICT Coordinator<strong></strong></p>
Mr. C. Martin

Primary 7 Teacher

ICT Coordinator


Mr. K. Smith - <p>Primary 6 Teacher</p>
Mr. K. Smith

Primary 6 Teacher

Miss. C Blee -
Miss. C Blee
Mrs. F. O'Donnell - <p>Primary 4/5 Teacher</p>
<p>The Arts Coordinator</p>
Mrs. F. O'Donnell

Primary 4/5 Teacher

The Arts Coordinator

Mrs O. Fisher - <p>Primary 4 Teacher</p>
Mrs O. Fisher

Primary 4 Teacher


Ms. L. Heaney - <p>Primary 3 Teacher</p>
<p>P.E. Coordinator</p>
Ms. L. Heaney

Primary 3 Teacher

P.E. Coordinator

Ms. R. Wilson - <p>Primary 3 Teacher</p>
<p>WAU Coordinator</p>
Ms. R. Wilson

Primary 3 Teacher

WAU Coordinator

Miss. C. Gillespie - <p>Primary 2 Teacher</p>
Miss. C. Gillespie

Primary 2 Teacher

Miss. A. McCallion - <p>Primary 2 Teacher</p>
Miss. A. McCallion

Primary 2 Teacher


Miss. R. Concannon - <p>Primary 1 Teacher</p>
Miss. R. Concannon

Primary 1 Teacher

Mrs. H. McGrellis - <p>Primary 1 Teacher</p>
Mrs. H. McGrellis

Primary 1 Teacher

Mrs. D. Molloy - <p>Nursery Teacher</p>
<p>PDMU Coordinator</p>
Mrs. D. Molloy

Nursery Teacher

PDMU Coordinator

Mrs. M. Cunningham - <p>Nursery Teacher</p>
<p>Deputy Designated Teacher - Child Protection</p>
Mrs. M. Cunningham

Nursery Teacher

Deputy Designated Teacher - Child Protection



Classroom Assistants

Mrs J. McDermott - <p>SEN Assistant</p>
Mrs J. McDermott

SEN Assistant

Mrs L Wilson - <p>SEN Assistant</p>
Mrs L Wilson

SEN Assistant

Miss. C Doherty -
Miss. C Doherty
Mrs. S McCallion - <p>SEN Assistant</p>
Mrs. S McCallion

SEN Assistant


Miss. L Doherty -
Miss. L Doherty
Mrs M Kirk - <p>SEN Assistant</p>
Mrs M Kirk

SEN Assistant

Miss. L Boyle -
Miss. L Boyle
Miss. N Doherty -
Miss. N Doherty

Miss K. Lyttle - <p>SEN Assistant</p>
Miss K. Lyttle

SEN Assistant

Miss N. Barlow -
Miss N. Barlow
Mrs. P Montgomery -
Mrs. P Montgomery
Miss D. Green - <p>SEN Assistant</p>
Miss D. Green

SEN Assistant


Miss. S McCay -
Miss. S McCay
Mrs C McGonagle -
Mrs C McGonagle
Mrs. C McCann -
Mrs. C McCann
Miss. N McDermott -
Miss. N McDermott


School Staff (Non-Teaching)

Mrs. A. Coyle - <p>Secretary</p>
Mrs. A. Coyle


Mr. T McGonagle - <p>Caretaker</p>
Mr. T McGonagle


Mrs. M Keeney - <p>Senior Canteen Supervisor</p>
Mrs. M Keeney

Senior Canteen Supervisor

Mrs. L McLaughlin - <p>Canteen Supervisor</p>
Mrs. L McLaughlin

Canteen Supervisor


Ms C. Wells - <p>Canteen Supervisor</p>
Ms C. Wells

Canteen Supervisor

Martina & Heather - <p>Catering Staff</p>
Martina & Heather

Catering Staff

Mr. M Feeney - <p>Lollipop Man</p>
Mr. M Feeney

Lollipop Man


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